Ne. Sans

Ne. Sans is a home for the research and creation of work that seeks to deepen and re-connect opera and dance. Please see Creations for current and past work.

Directing opera through contemporary dance opens a whole new world of collaborative opportunities: a space that involves working with singers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and designers.

As well as producing new creations, we offer workshops and classes, curating and involving local, national and international artists in our vision. We wish to cultivate connections with communities, initiate performance opportunities, develop presentational platforms and strengthen and widen artistic practices.

All of this takes space and time. We offer that space, truly experimenting and constantly expanding our knowledge of these two art forms, in order to forge what we see as a natural hybridization of the two worlds. Our ambition is to create thought-provoking, artistically challenging art and to strengthen and inspire our community.

Guest Artists

Tedd Littlemore
Jeremy O'Neill
artistic director
board of directors

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